XRay Mod

The memory leak has been fixed!

Download Latest v045 MC 1.7.2


The XRay mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to see useful blocks such as diamond, emerald, gold, iron, coal, redstone and more.
The effect of the x-ray mod can be seen on the background of this page.

Version 041 and above:
  1. Download and extract the X-Ray Mod for the version you have chosen to install
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/versions
  3. Copy and paste the folder containg the Minecraft versions which you will be installing the X-Ray Mod on
  4. Rename the folder to XRay Mod
  5. Then open the folder and rename all of the files to XRay Mod
  6. Open the json file with a text editor such as notepad++ (the standard notepad is also fine)
  7. Then find the text saying "id": "1.6.2" (1.6.2 is the version of the copy of Minecraft I'm installing it on)
  8. Replace 1.6.2 with XRay Mod. Then save the document
  9. Run your Minecraft launcher and select New Profile
  10. Then name the profile "The X-Ray Mod by craftminer502" without the quotes
  11. Select "release XRay Mod" under "Use version"
  12. Click on Save Profile. Then run Minecraft
  13. Click the X key on your keyboard to check if it is installed correctly. Repeat these steps if it doesn't
Older versions:
  1. Download and extract the X-Ray Mod for the version you have chosen to install
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/bin and open your minecraft.jar with winrar
  3. Open the X-Ray Mod folder containing the extracted files. Then drag the contents of the folder into minecraft.jar
  4. Delete META-INF inside minecraft.jar(Your game will crash if this isn't done)
  5. Run minecraft
  6. Click the X key on your keyboard to check if it is installed correctly. Repeat these steps if it doesn't work.

Yes you can. However, I do not endorse its use on servers that do not allow it.
I may not be held responsible for bans, kicks, or argument resulting from the use of this mod.

Key Bindings

XRay (X)

Lets you see the important blocks.

Redstone (R)

Allows unobstructed viewing of redstone circuits.

Nightlight (L)

Makes everything as bright as day.

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Old Versions

Version Minecraft Download Changes
v0441.7.2DownloadUpdated to 1.7.2! Sorry for the wait.
v0431.6.4DownloadUpdated to 1.6.4!
v0421.6.2DownloadThe X-Ray Mod has been updated to 1.6.2!
v0411.6.1DownloadUpdated to 1.6.1!
v0401.5.2DownloadFixed some stuff.
v0391.5.2DownloadUpdated to 1.5.2.
v0381.5.1DownloadFixed zipping error.
v0371.5.1DownloadUpdated the mods to 1.5.1.
v0361.5DownloadAdded more blocks to the x-ray mode.
v0351.5DownloadUpdated to 1.5.
v0341.4.6DownloadMinor bug fix.
v0331.4.6DownloadUpdated to 1.4.6 :)
v0321.4.4DownloadAdded a faster way of reloading blocks when x-ray is activated.
v0311.4.4DownloadUpdated to 1.4.4 will also work on 1.4.5.
v0301.4.2DownloadFixed no void fog bug.
v0291.4.2DownloadUpdated to 1.4.2.
v0281.3.2DownloadFixed version checker, it has been threaded so it will not cause lag anymore.
v0271.3.2DownloadUpdated to 1.3.2, added version checker(It will tell you if you have the newest version).
v0261.3.1DownloadAdded no void fog.
v0251.3.1DownloadUpdated to 1.3.1, added id 129 - 133 to the xray.
v0241.2.5DownloadAdded a toggle to coordinates use the "C" key
v0231.2.5DownloadUpdated both versions to 1.2.5
v0221.2.4DownloadUpdated both versions to 1.2.4
v0211.2.3DownloadUpdated both versions to 1.2.3
v0201.1.0DownloadFixed crash bug in v019 without fly
v0191.1.0DownloadRecoded (i broke the source) and i added a version without fly mod
v0181.1.0DownloadBug fixes you dont random lose hp when you run around.
v0171.1.0DownloadUpdated to minecraft 1.1.0.
v0161.0.0DownloadAdded fence, planks to x-ray.
v0151.0.0DownloadAdded fly mod.
v0141.0.0DownloadAdded light to entities underground when xray, nightlight or redstone finder is on.
v0131.0.0DownloadAdded coordinates in the left corner that only shows the decimal number.
v0121.0.0DownloadAdded Redstone Finder, now you can build with redstone easier.
v0111.0.0DownloadAdded more light to blocks underground.
v0101.0.0DownloadAdded a new function nightlight, now you can see at night and in dark caves

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